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I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family last week! Mine was very special cause my parents came from Spain and we celebrated with very good friends here in NYC!

Yesterday’s Playgroup session was very special, we had a great class because the children are already into routine and love the class. They start clapping to the songs and big bright smiles appear in their faces!

Our topic this week continued with the body. I love bringing out the puppet animals, we do small conversations with them introducing themselves and we point out the different parts of their body.

This week all of them said the body parts ( ojos, nariz, orejas, boca, cabeza, brazos y barriga) and counted them.

¿Cuántos ojos tiene? (How many eyes does it have?) Tiene dos ojos, uno y dos.

The same with other body parts.

We afterwards repeated the an activity from a couple of weeks ago, where they would throw a dice and put a bandit in the part of the body that came out. They loved it! You can’t imagine their happy face every time they throw the dice. The dice is made out of a small cardboard staples box, with different body part prints covered with tape. It took me half an hour to make and you can work so many topics with it. From numbers, body parts, animals, colors, shapes. Create your own dices with different topics and have lots of fun!!

We also did an activity where they had to make a body with different geometric shapes! It came out very nicely and they all did it on their own style, with the help of their caregivers.

Here you can see a picture:

I also like looking for different ways of counting. This week I brought to class some plasticine and put it on paper plates. I also brought some big Ikea colored straws and they had to put them in the plasticine and count. They loved it!

Here you can see a picture of this too.

At last, to review animals, I created an animal board with some farm animals, (cerdito, vaca, pato, pollo, oveja) and they had a card covering on top. They were so excited to lift the card and find what animal was behind it! They repeated the name of the animal and the sound they made. It was so much fun!


Hope you enjoyed my post and got new ideas to use with your children,

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