Spanish Toddlers Playgroup

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Today my blog post is related to my Spanish Toddlers Playgroups. I love teaching Spanish to kids and I have recently started a Spanish toddler playgroup with a group of five children and we are having a great time.

Tips to work with toddlers when teaching them a new language (45 min session):

Start and finish the lesson with a welcome and goodbye song in Spanish

Story in Spanish at the end of the class with a snack will prepare them to relax and end the lesson.

You should prepare a lot of activities and change constantly, at least 10. Their attention spam isn’t longer than 5-7 min per activitity.

Games I bring to class:

. Parachute: they love it and we practice concepts like up, down, inside, outside, move slower, move faster all in Spanish

. Color blocks: I bring color containers and they have to put them in the correct container, make lines, count them or just play with them.

. Musical eggs: we practice colors, we move them slow and fast and stop. They love to make rhythms.

. Color tissues: they love them, they each chose a color and I create songs with them like : “mira como muevo el pañuelo” (look how I move the tissue) and “manos arriba” (hands up), “manos abajo” (hands down), ” “tápate la cara” (cover your face), “ponlo en el suelo” (put it on the floor), etc.

. Socks with animals: They chose them and wear them. I use them to practice introductions.

Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo…..

I always add high fives ” choca las cinco” … they love it!

As we just passed Halloween, I prepared a Halloween activity with pumpkins, very simple. Got a 12 package pumpkin shapes, google eyes, halloween stickers and colored paper at Michaels. Always showing them the example and telling them the names in Spanish that I want to work: calabaza, naranja, ojos, boca.

Stick orange papers to cover the pumpkin

Stick the google eyes

Stick the mouth

Give them stickers ( which end up everywhere! lol)

These are some of my regular activities that I’m bringing to class this semester, I will update my new ones next week with pictures.

Also here are some of the songs that we use in class:


¿Cómo te llamas? What’s your name?

A mi mono le gusta la lechuga


I hope this is helpful to you and you enjoy the read if you are working with toddlers or children teaching them any language. All these activities can be adapted to different ages.

Thank you ,

Michelle xoxo

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