Spanish Toddlers Playgroup

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well!

Yesterday I had an amazing Spanish Playgroup with my group of Toddlers. After a few sessions they seem to be getting into routine and yesterday’s session was smooth and very productive!

Lord knows the excitement I felt when they started saying words in Spanish, it’s always amazing to see kids so small say their first words. They repeated numbers till six and they started repeating some colors. They were also following the songs routines and having fun!

For this session I brought in 2 puppet animals: a monkey and an elephant.

I introduced the Monkey and named him Amelio. They all said hello to the monkey, and then we started talking about different parts of their face.

La boca (the mouth)

los ojos (the eyes)

la nariz (the nose)

las orejas (the ears)

After this I introduced the song from last week  “A mi mono le gusta la lechuga”. They love it, we do a slow rhythm and a fast rhythm clapping hands on their legs.

Creating an elephant face

Then I introduced the Elephant Pepe. We did the same as with the monkey, repeating all the parts of his face,  and we did a craft activity.

Obviously they needed help, but they collaborated and repeated the vocabulary of the different parts in Spanish.

I brought the eyes, nose and ears cut. Their mommies would put the glue on them and they would stick it.

Mommies and nannies are a great help in the process of learning Spanish and doing crafts. The help them and motivate them!

Macaroni and Straws

Then we did a counting activity with straws and macaroni. They loved it. You put plasticine on the base, then the straw, and you give them individually the macaronis to count. They counted to 6 and they were so motivated. We repeated it 3 or 4 times cause they didn’t want to stop doing it!

The last activity we did was with a tupperware and a toilet roll paper. Y decorated the toilet roll paper with paper color and cut a hole in the tupperware to fit it in.

Counting and classifying with home materials. Tupperware and toilet roll paper

I’ve used it before to play with different materials like pom poms, blocks and little figures. With toddlers I have been using small blocks. They love to introduce objects inside other objects and it has been a great way to get them to learn the colors of the blocks and numbers till 6. We did it taking turns and passing and repeating the color and number of the block, and it worked really well.

I’m pacing more the activities and doing more relaxed games and they are seeming to get through the session fully concentrated nearly till the end.

I hope you enjoy this article and you can do these activities yourself. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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