Spanish Playgroups Session

Hello everyone,

This weeks session was amazing! Our Spanish Playgroups are being so productive in the last couple of weeks! I am so happy with the results, we’ve had 7 sessions only and they are all repeating words in Spanish, all of them! It’s incredible how the magic of routine works at these young ages. Results appear instantly when they feel comfortable and in a secure environment.

Learning Spanish in a natural way is the goal of these Spanish lessons, and toddlers have the perfect age to start.

In this session the main topic was the body. We did body parts through different activities.

My favorite was a game that I created inspired by google activity. I draw this big girl in a cardboard. I had 6 bandits.

I did a big dice with different body parts and they had to put the bandit on the body part that came up on the dice.

They absolutely loved it and they didn’t want to stop playing. They took turns and they all repeated the spanish words corresponding to the different body parts. Here you can see a picture of the poster and the dices :

I will make better prints for the dices in the future but they served the purpose.

I also love playing puppets, children love them too! I have been reaching a lot of goals to cover different topics, and body parts of course, too. We do counting ears, eyes, arms, nose, mouth, etc. all in Spanish. They love them. They talk to them, hug them, tell them their name, and of course repeat all the body parts counting.

Here you can see one of the kiddies hands touching their belly of our Monkey,  while he was repeating the different body parts.

We also did a counting activity while working color recognition. I had six small paper plates, each one with a number and colored in the primary colors, then orange and purple. They had to put only one block and try to match the color. Repeating the number after putting. They all counted to 6.

We did a couple more of games with musical eggs, moving them up and down and placing them in different body parts. And then I used a scarf to do another game that they love. We use it as a parachute. They hide inside, sit on top, move it up and down, slow and fast. This is always a great game for them to have fun, and repeat more spanish words.


I hope you can use any of these activities in class or with your kids at home. If you have any questions about our Spanish Playgroups at Espáñate, just ask! We are always looking forward to meeting you and helping you!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Michelle xoxo

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