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Spanish playgroups for preschools and nurseries

Espáñate’s Playgroups are fun and engaging!

We would love to bring Espáñate to your Nursery or School.

We have a semester program and a year-round program. We completely adapt to your needs and time routines.

We work with groups of children from 12 months Toddlers to 6 years old.


The focus of this class are songs and play, as well as socializing with the rest of the class friends. The goal of this class is aimed to build vocabulary.

2 to 3 year olds program:

Every session works with a new topic. This will help children build vocabulary and develop cognitive and communication skills. Through materials, verbal explanation, children begin to relate concepts to vocabulary and they start communication in Spanish. Each class has art activities and creative exercises to promote both, coordination skills and language skills. Hands on experience makes the difference in these sessions.

3 to 5 year olds program:

In this program, they learn to make basic sentences in Spanish through repetition. This way not only they learn new vocabulary, but they learn it faster. We work on correct pronunciation. Art activities, books and songs will be the tools for these sessions.

Our sessions last 45 minutes.
Previous instruction is not required
Please contact us for more information!

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