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Playgroups for Toddlers

Playgroups for Toddlers

Spanish for Toddlers is a Spanish program designed to introduce children to the fun and exciting world of the Spanish language, at an early age while helping them learn it in a natural and fun way.

After years of experience working with children in early childhood education, we have found that that weekly sessions in Spanish have amazing long term results. Children become used to listening, speaking in Spanish and integrate it as part of their life.

Our classes are taught through traditional music, games, art, movement, free play and literacy, engaging the child in a multi-sensory learning process.


A fun way of socializing while learning Spanish!

Fun and educational, this Spanish class is designed for toddlers and with their caregivers to learn concepts in Spanish from a native speaker and interact through all senses!

Our Playgroup will involve weekly 45 min sessions for small groups of 6 kids. All learnings are child centered focusing on play, music and socialization, towards building vocabulary. Semester will feature storytelling, games, songs, circle time, role-play and much more to help them learn in a natural and fun way!

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These sessions will introduce children to building cognitive and communication skills, as well as vocabulary.

Through activities that focus on different themes, children begin to participate actively and develop an interest in communicating in Spanish. Each class theme is expressed through art activities, stories and exposure of materials related to the topic, to build vocabulary and understand the concepts, which will create fun and engaging sessions while promoting their coordination skills and their artistic expression.

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