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Is a Professional Spanish company based in NYC, specialized in working with children from Toddlers to 6 years old and preparing students for their exams.

Children: We create the best Playgroups to learn Spanish through songs, creative activities and games!

Knowing the importance of routine for toddlers and children at this age, Espáñate adapts completely to their students schedule and carries these sessions at your place, creating small groups of 6 children, learning the language in a very easy and natural way.

Our programs start at an early age, we create fun and loving Spanish sessions at your place, based in game and interaction.

Through the program’s activities, children build cognitive, fine-gross motor, social and artistic skills, among many other benefits to their development.

After years of experience working with children in early childhood education, we have found that weekly sessions in Spanish have amazing long term results. Children become used to listening and speaking in Spanish, and they integrate it as part of their life.

Students: We give the best support since they start Elementary through High School. We have many years of experience and we focus on making grammar simple, explaining and practicing with exercises till they have fully understood and learnt the concepts and giving extra support when they have exams. We use their books, study their material, prepare exercises following their teachers models and support them with confidence, understanding, patience and care. Results are amazing!

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