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One-on-One Spanish lessons
for Children and Students

One-on-One Spanish lessons for Children and Students

From 3 years old to 7 years old

Private, one-on-one tutoring designed for students as young as 3 years old and include novice, intermediate and expert levels. The programs are designed for both the students and parents to see very big results in a short time. Programs will be designed based on the students level and includes:

Basic, experienced and expert Spanish conversation including repetition in a full Spanish immersion classroom style session

Sessions are one-on-one, or groups of two or three people.

In earlier ages, classes focus in conversation, games, crafts, creative activities and learning to read and write in Spanish. Classes are fun and innovative. Children learn and speak the language naturally with just one session a week, they love Spanish and enjoy being able to understand and communicate in the language and this reflects in their confidence and skills for the future.

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From 8-9 years old till 12 years old

Depending on their needs and school program we will follow their school curriculum. We focus on reinforcing and improving their Spanish understanding, conversation, reading and completing exercises without any grammatical mistakes. We study their school books and explain the grammar making it simple. We do activities to recreate the same type of activities they will have in their exams, and we practice over and over to reach their goals in their exams. We help them to study and support them with extra activities. Our motto is understanding and caring for our students.

We also work out of the school curriculum, through projects, creating projects based on their interests, where they work vocabulary, construction of sentences, expressions and reading and writing.

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From 13 years old till 17 years old

We give the best support to our students for their exams. Results are the proof!

After many years of experience we have mastered the way to teach Spanish to Students. Making the deep grammar simple and practicing over and over again until the grammar constructions are imprinted in their mind and learnt. We take pride in preparing great session for our students, we work with their materials and text books, and we give them exercises to practice outside of class. We adapt our schedule to their necessities, giving them extra support when they have exams and we are there for them!

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