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The word “Espáñate” and it’s logo means…

When I first created my company in NYC I was looking for a name that would be original and could transmit the feel of my project to Americans. The first name I created was “The Spanish Connection” not long before I found out it was an already existing name in other states and that I couldn’t get the Trademark for it.

After this, my father recommended me to use a name with España in it, so you could differentiate it from the rest of the Spanish speaking countries, just for the thought of the cultural focus. I was with my trademark lawyer and friend Shahrina checking out names that were not registered –anywhere- and that had the name España. My first thought was España On. It already existed. Then I thought of Españame – but it sounded too narcissistic- Shahrina then suggested Espáñate, which nearly came out of her mouth with a ray of light. It sounded perfect. It’s a game of words, and we created a new verb, using the reflexive pronoun “te” at the end of Espáña, creating the meaning of “Become Spanish”. I absolutely loved it and still love it, and can’t be more grateful for it.

About the logo, I knew I wanted the letter “ñ” in it, as it is an original letter from Spain. Asking for advice one day at home with some friends, my friend Soraya asked my what not to use a “peineta” which is a Spanish ornament used in mostly every regional dance in Spain. Another brilliant idea that I was grateful for, as it represents all my country in a cultural aspect.


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