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Michelle Ruiz, Founder and Director

is the founder and principal instructor for Espáñate Professional Spanish Lessons. Michelle was born in Malaga, Spain and aspired to teach and help enrich the minds of students for as long as she can remember. In 2005, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education at the University of Málaga in Spain. Following her graduation, she began her career as an English and Spanish professor in Spain, helping students and kids to comprehend, write and effectively communicate the language throughout everyday life.

After gaining experience as a professor in Spain, Michelle decided to take a leap of faith and made the bold decision to leave her small town of Malaga, Spain. She first traveled to China and following her enlightening trip, later moved to New York City. Michelle had always dreamt of sharing her love of the Spanish language with the world, and as a bilingual teacher the opportunities were boundless in her new city. In 2014, Espáñate was launched to provide kids, students, adults and businesses the opportunity to learn Spanish in a comfortable, creative and conversational manner. Since that time, Michelle has assisted many individuals and families to finally put into practice what they never understood from books and school.

With more than 1o years of experience as a professional tutor for both adults and children, Michelle has mastered ways to teach Spanish to Americans and English to Spaniards by incorporating the key ways both cultures think. Her mission as an English to Spanish and Spanish to English learning specialist is to advise her students to begin learning the language by understanding the culture, pronunciation and lifestyles of both cultures. Michelle and her team of tutors are excited to assist you with speaking and loving Spanish starting today!

To schedule your first class with Michelle and Espáñate Tutors, contact the company at or call 646-494-5809 !

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