Let’s learn about spring in Spanish!

Hello guys!


Last week has been a great week in our Playgroup sessions!

We continue working on Spring but we added the house. So I made and I brought to our sessions a cardboard with a drawing of a house in a spring setting and I created a big dice with the parts of the house. We named the different parts of the house and the trees, flowers and the sun. We counted the flowers, the trees, the birds and named the colors. Then we played with the dice, they have to throw it, and if the roof comes out on the dice for example, they have to stick a sticker on the roof of the cardboard and say it’s name and color.

I’ve already played this game with four different playgroups this week and they absolutely love it!! I hope you like it, you can use this game for many topics you just need to create a new drawing and change the sies of the dice. I’ve used it for the body and they love it too.

I afterwards gave them different parts of the house cut in shapes. A triangle, squares, rectangles all in different colors to continue working the colors and working on shapes to make a house. The creations were awesome!

Here are some photos of how it looks:




Another thing I want to speak about that teachers love when they see me working and that makes children get very involved is the importance of making them make the effort to participate in the sessions. They are shy talking in another language because they are not used to it, but the moment you make them repeat the words and you tell them how well they are doing, they get excited and they love it!! It’s very important to make eye contact with them and to show them care and appreciation. I know that this is something that all teachers now but it’s really important to remind ourselves and put 100% of our energy in it when we are talking about learning a new language, because it gives them a lot of confidence to start saying words in the new language.


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