How we teach at preschools!

Hello guys!!


This week has been a great week with my playgroups! I am loving so much teaching at preschools, it’s incredible how excited children get about learning a new language and how fast they the pick up the sounds, tones and new vocabulary.

With preschools I really focus on conversation, the time is more reduced and I have more children so the goal is to make them learn the language and of course, talk it.

I really believe It’s all about the enthusiasm you put into the sessions, I am so excited when I see them, that they can feel it straight away.The come running and some of them already hug me, even after a few sessions.

They love Spanish songs and they love singing with gestures.

Our educational method is an holistic method. Children learn through repetition and imitation, not only the word out the concepts, but they experience them.

Songs are enhanced with gestures to understand and integrate the new vocabulary. Vocabulary is repeated through songs, games, creative activities and stories, continuously, and they are asked to repeat it, to integrate it in their vocabulary learning it in a natural way.

We follow an established routine throughout the sessions so that they know what to expect and they have the confidence to enjoy and follow the lessons in an active and way. We start with a welcome song and we finish with a good bye song.

In between we work on basic conversations, counting, patterns of different colors, topics and creative activities in sync with the school program, so they learn the same topics in both languages at the same time.

These Playgroups are very successful and the results are amazing!!

If you are thinking of having a Spanish program in your school don’t doubt contacting us to check our programs, we offer a great pricing and always offer a free demo!


Looking forward to many more Spanish Playgroup sessions, many more students and many more schools to teach the language and culture I love!!


Hope you enjoy the read, if you have any questions, please let me know,


With love,


Michelle xoxo



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