Spanish Playgroups activities: working in a holistic way and making short sentences.


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I hope you had a great week!

Here in NYC we’ve had quite of snow storm on Tuesday, and for those of us that didn’t have to work, it has made our week very short.
This week I’ve been working with groups of toddlers 3 times, and with all I’ve created different activities. Because I work with large groups of children, these activities have to be simple but efficient.
My two favorite activities this week were one to do with counting and one to do with animals

The one to do with counting involved using plasticine and lady bugs. I work different topics and make every activity as holistic as possible.
So in this activity they are working gross motor skills, they are working color red and black, they are working Spring vocabulary, in this case “lady bug” which is “mariquita” in Spanish, and they are of course, counting.
It’s a simple print, but it’s in about how much you add to each activity.
I introduce it explaining the name of the animal, then we go into when we see them, Spring, then we work on the colors, and then I do an example, making little balls with the plasticine and sticking them to each lady bug,
The children loved It and they were so engaged!
Here is a couple of photos of them doing their lady bug. They had to make little balls of plasticine that matched with the number next to each lady bug.

Another activity that I did and I loved, is this activity I found in
Matching animals. Here is a photo to show how it was. So easy but they loved it so much. It was difficult to keep them calm, they all wanted their go matching animals, although they didn’t all match the correct one! Lol Anyways it was a first try.
The good thing about this activity is that they got to use small sentences while learning and reinforcing the names of the animals

– El león con el león.
– La jirafa con la jirafa
– El tigre con el tigre
– La zebra con la zebra

Although these are short sentences, they are working the names of the animals, agreement of articles with nouns and the link “con” which means “with”.

We normally read an English book in Spanish, because I believe that working with books that they already know makes it easier for them to focus in learning the new vocabulary. This week we read “Spot goes for a walk”, they love Spot books and they repeated all the names of the animals in the books. I highly recommend these books for this age.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead,

All my best,

Michelle xoxox

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