Spanish Playgroups activities to learn Spanish while being creative and having fun!


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After a couple of months I’m back with my blog posts. The reason has been that I have been having my website redone, I encourage you to visit it and tell me your thoughts!
As you know, I had lately been posting about my Toddlers Playgroups, which I am passionate about.
In this time without posting I have continued with my sessions, so I have a lot of new activities to post about.
Last week I actually had a great experience with 2 different groups of playgroups and age groups with a material as simple as tape.
I originally saw these activities on a few pages a follow on Instagram, and I decided to use it for my sessions.
The pages are @thecreativeshop @playfullittlearners @earlylearning and @acraftyliving

With the toddlers, as we started working the ‘square” shape I decided to use the tape for our session.
I first did a big square on the carpet with the tape. They loved it, we jumped inside and outside, we sat inside, we counted, working concepts such as inside, outside, sit down, stand up and numbers.
Then I gave them tape to create their own square. This they loved even more. It was great to seem try to imitate the big square and naturally stand inside it.

With my four year old playgroups, working on the bedroom and the different furniture of the room, I decided to use it to make a bed for a doll. The results were amazing, we went from a bed to a sunbed with sombrilla, towel and swimming pool. They were so excited creating there beds that they were learning and repeating the words of everything they were doing in Spanish in a natural and fun way.
Getting in this momentum with the kids where they get excited, for me is where the magic happens. This is the place, they get so involved that they learn joyfully.

As always, it’s with the simplest materials with the ones which you play more and get more results. They let go of their imagination and they are in the perfect field to learn.
Here are some photos of last weeks activities. If you want to follow amazing pages that can give you ideas to work on your sessions, you can follow on instagram .

I’m also teaching them the following songs that they love this week. They are from “Grupo Encanto” which is very popular in Spain.

el popurri de las manos:
yo tengo una casita:

and then to the older ones:

En el auto de papá:

They are songs that we sing in Spain, and that my friends and also teachers use with their kiddies. I always ask them to keep me updated with what is popular there.

Hoping you enjoyed this blog post, please leave me a comment if you have any questions!

The weekend in near, have a great weekend!
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